Issue #14

7th 2017


Welcome to our global CASM community!

Dear Kanji Tanimoto,

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! It was great celebrating our first Birthday with you! A special thanks also to our president Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich, our newly appointed managing director Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers, other colleagues from Cologne Business School and the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation represented by Mr. Rüdiger Winkler. And if you were not able to join our Birthday Party we are sure that there will be more to come!

We are looking back at an exciting month and are thankful for the new partnerships and friendships that have been established during conferences, events and meetings. Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our new research assistant and team member Helen Cremer. Lastly, we invite you to have a look at our latest publications!

Your CASM Team



CASM Open Door at CBS- Review 
Cologne (Germany), October 17th: CASM opened its doors to celebrate its first anniversary with partners, friends, our president Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich, our newly appointed managing director Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers, other colleagues from Cologne Business School as well as CBS students and Rüdiger Winkler, the representative of the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation. At the opening speech René Schmidpeter and Patrick Bungard talked about the accomplishments of the Center during the past year which would not have been possible without the great support of Cologne Business School and especially our president Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich and our CEO Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers as well as the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation represented by Rüdiger Winkler! A warm welcome was also given to guest professor Dr. Kanji Tanimoto from Waseda University Japan and guest researcher Ardeshir Zamani from Iran. Afterwards, the Ethics and Sustainability Awards was handed over by Rüdiger Winkler from the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation. The evening ended with some fingerfood, music and the traditional beer of Cologne, the Kölsch.

We want to thank you for your great support and collaboration during the past year! And if you were not able to celebrate our first Birthday Party with us, we are sure there will be more to come!


Ethics and Sustainability Award at CBS - Review 

Cologne (Germany), October 17th: During the CASM Open Door event Rüdiger Winkler from the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation handed over the "Ethics and Sustainability Award". Every year the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation in cooperation with CBS grants a total of 4,000 € in prize money to promote the social and ethical achievements of students who through their work demonstrate an enthusiasm for sustainability. The awards were given to Anika Stürenberg Herrera for the best MBA Thesis with the following title: “Sustainable Company Evaluation of the Volkswagen Group”, to Adeline Grafe for the best Bachelor Thesis on “The impact of Sustainable Management Education on Students' Employer Expectations and Work Values” and to Viola Nyssen for the excellent lead of the CSR student team.

If you are a CBS student and have written a term-paper or a bachelor or master’s thesis on the subject of Business Ethics, Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility or want to create exposure for, or initiate a social project – Apply now and win up to 1,000 €. Applications for the Ethics and Sustainability Award can be continuously submitted throughout the year. Both ongoing and already completed work will be considered.


Article "Sustainable and digital: Why we have to rethink" by René Schmidpeter (german
In times of complexity nothing is like it used to be. We are in a state of constant structural change that raises hopes, but also causes uncertainty, which can be very uncomfortable for those that are used to stability. According to Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter "Digitalization is a great opportunity to rethink freedom and responsibility!" The new book CSR and digitalization suggests a new entrepreneurial perspective on the topic of responsibility. It presents the latest findings in the field of digitization supported by practical examples from business, politics and the civil society. Also, for the first time innovative approaches that combine the current sustainability debate with the strategic handling of the digitalization challenges are discussed. To read the full article in German click on the following LINK.

Also, the entire book is available NOW!