Academic Activities

Academic Activities

 Papers in English (Find more)
・"Corporate Social Responsibility across Asia", with D.K.Davidson, et al., in J.Weber and D.Wasieleski (eds.), Corporate Social Responsibility, Emerald, 2018.5.
・"The Implementation of CSR Management and Stakeholder Relations in Japan", S.Vertigans and S.O. Idowu (eds), Stages of Corporate Social Responsibility: From Ideas to Impacts, Springer, 2016.(pdf)
Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility, eds. by Idowu, S. O., Capaldi, N., Fifka, M., Zu, L., Schmidpeter, R., [entries: CSR Reporting, Enlightened Self Interest, ISO26000, Role of Nonprofit Sector, Stakeholder Engagement, Stakeholder Mapping, Venture Philanthropy], Springer, 2015.2.
・"Introduction: Japanese Approaches to CSR", Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Special Issue: Japanese Approaches to CSR, Issue 56, 2014.12.(pdf)

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・12/8 "Management Education for CSR and Sustainability: Introduction", JFBS Eastern Japan Workshop, Waseda University, Tokyo.
・11/22-23 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum, Symposium (invited), Taipei. (flyer)
・11/9 "Multi-Stakeholder CSR Initiatives: its possibilities and challenges", Seminar(invited), College of Business, National Taipei University.
・11/8 "Sustainable Development Goals and Business Contribution", Lecture(invited), Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei. (flyer)
・10/2 "Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility", Symposium (invited), 2018 Grand Master Think Tank Forum, Taipei.news1)(news2)(news3)(news4
・9/28-29 "Management Education for CSR and Sustainability", Symposium (invited), 2018 International CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance Conference, Taipei.  
・6/9 "Research, Publish, Communication", JFBS Eastern Japan Workshop, Waseda University, Tokyo.
・5/27 "Multi-Stakeholders Perspective to Development of Social Enterprise", Symposium (invited), Shanghai Forum 2018, Fudan University, China. (pdf)
・3/20 "Current Research and Education Trends in CSR/Sustainability Management", JFBS Eastern Japan Workshop, Waseda University, Tokyo.
・3/7 "Publish or/and/without Perish (?)", Special Lecture (invited), PhD, Cologne Business School, Germany.
・2/28 "Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan", Seminar (invited), MISUM, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
・2/27 "Do multi-stakeholder initiatives make for better CSR?", Seminar (invited), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. (news)
・2/21 "Strategic CSR Management: A Lesson from Japanese Companies", International Lounge (invited), Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・2/7 "Current Research Trends in Business and Society", Seminar: Global Perspectives of CSR (invited), Cologne Business School, Germany.
・1/18 "The Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility Management in Japan", Seminar (invited), St Chad’s College, Durham University, UK.
・12/6 "Relationship between Corporation and Society in Japan: the Past and Present", Lecture (invited), Graduate School of Economics, Rennes University, France.
・12/5 "Compared Business Behaviour: Japan, France, Canada", Seminar (invited), Graduate School of Economics, Rennes University, France.
・11/22 "Multi-Stakeholder CSR Initiative: conceptual review", Seminar (invited), ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.
・9/14 "Sustainable Global Environment and Business", Dialogue with Rick Rigeway, Patagonia Vice President (invited), Seminar Room, DIAMOND, Inc., Harajuku, Tokyo. (flyer)
・8/22 "Sustainable Development Goals and the Private Sector", German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum 2017 (invited), JDZB, The International House of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.
・8/2-5 "Stakeholder Relations", Summer School (invited), Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・7/7 "Sustainable Development and Multi-Stakeholder Partnership", Keynote Speech, Symposium (invited), Free University of Berlin, Germany.(flyer)
・7/27 "Publish or/and/without Perish (?)", Special Lecture (invited), Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Free University of Berlin, Germany.
・7/5 "Business and Society: From Responsibility to Governance", Workshop (invited), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
・6/24 "Sustainable Development Goals and Innovation", Lecture (invited), Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・6/20 "Challenges of CSR in Japanese Management", Lecture (invited), Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln, Cologne, Germany.
・6/6 "Sustainable Development Goals and Innovation", Lecture (invited), Deutsch-Japanishche Gesellschaft Berlin, JDZB, Germany.
・5/30 "Sustainable Innovation and Business Strategy", SKEMA KTO Research Seminar (invited), SKEMA Business School, France.
・3/11 "Growing Interest in 'Business and Society' and Challenges: Sense and Philosophy of Researcher", JFBS Eastern Japan Workshop, Waseda University, Tokyo.

 Academic Association/Editorial Service (Find more)
Academic Association:
Japan Forum of Business and Society, President (2011-)
Business and Society Committee (2018-)
International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility, Academic Committee (2010-)
Global Corporate Governance Institute, Academic Advisory Committee (2015-)
5th Symposium on Ethics and Social Responsibility Research, Organizing Committee (2019)

Editorial Service:
Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, Associate Editor (2015-)
Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, Editorial Advisory Board (2014-)
International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility, Editorial Board (2016-)

 Visiting Professor/Scholar (Find more)
・2018 National Taipei University, Taiwan
・2018 St Chad’s College, Durham University
・2017-2018 Cologne Business School, Germany
・2017 Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany
・2017 Free University of Berlin, Germany
・2016 National Taipei University, Taiwan
・2015 National Taipei University, Taiwan
・2015 Massey University, New Zealand