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News & Events: September 2018

9/4 【Undergraduate】Joint Workshop with National Taipei University, Rm.503,
    Bldg.11, Waseda University
9/6-7 JFBS 8th Annual Conference, Bldg.11, Waseda University
9/10 【Undergraduate】Seminar Briefing, Rm.703 of Bldg.11
9/20 【Undergraduate】 Oral Examination for 2019 Seminar, Rm.803, Bldg.11
9/23-27 【Undergraduate】 Tanimoto Seminar Summer Session, Joint Workshop with
     National Taipei University
9/27 Fall Semester Starts

【9/21-11/23 Visiting Professor, National Taipei University, Taiwan】
9/28-29 2018 International CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance Conference, Taipei.
10/2 2018 Grand Master Think Tank Forum, Taipei.

"Corporate Social Responsibility across Asia", with D.K.Davidson, et al., in J.Weber and D.Wasieleski (eds.), Corporate Social Responsibility, Emerald, 2018.5.
Endorsement: Sandra Costa Santos et al., Home and Community: Lessons from a Modernist Housing Scheme, Routledge, 2018.4.

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