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News & Events: September 2017

8/30-9/2 Japan Academy of Business Administration, Okayama University
9/5 【Undergraduate】Joint Workshop with National Taipei University, Rm.503, Bldg.11, Waseda University
9/7 Doctoral Workshop (JFBS)
9/7-8 JFBS 7th Annual Conference, Bldg.11, Waseda University
9/11 【Undergraduate】Seminar Briefing, Rm.703, Bldg.11
9/14 Dialogue with Rick Rigeway, Patagonia Vice President, Seminar Room, DIAMOND,Inc., Harajuku, Tokyo. (flyer) 
9/17 【Graduate】 Entrance Examination
9/22 【Undergraduate】Selection for 2018 Seminar, 14:00-, Rm.705, Bldg.11
9/23 Tanimoto Seminar Alumni Reunion, Jinguumae, Tokyo
9/28 Fall Semester Starts

【2017.9-2018.3 Cologne Business School (Winter Semester:CSR)】

【Schedule for the year 2017】
Visiting Professor
2017.4-7 Free University of Berlin (Summer Semester)
2017.8 Hamburg School of Business Administration (Summer School)
2017.9-2018.3 Cologne Business School (Winter Semester)

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・Waseda University (website)

Japan Forum of Business and Society (JFBS)

■9/7-8 2017 JFBS Conference
■9/6 Doctoral Workshop

■ List of CSR/Ethics/Sus-tainability JournalsPDF