Prof 谷本の最近の活動情報です。


企業と社会フォーラム(JFBS) 会長(2011-)
Business and Society Committee(2018-)
International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility, Academic Committee(2010-)
Global Corporate Governance Institute, Academic Advisory Committee(2015-)
5th Symposium on Ethics and Social Responsibility Research, Organizing Committee(2019)

Journal 編集委員
Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, Associate Editor(2015-)
Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, Editorial Advisory Board(2013-)
International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility, Editorial Board(2015-)
The Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Special Issue: Japanese Approaches to CSR, Guest Editor(2014)
Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, Special Issue: Linkages and Complementarities between Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Guest Editor(2019)

・Judging Committee, Global Corporate Sustainability Award(2019)

・National Taipei University, 客員教授(担当科目:Financial Ethics)
・National Taipei University, 客員教授(担当科目:Financial Ethics)
・St Chad’s College, Durham University, Visiting Professorial Fellow
・Free University of Berlin, 客員教授(担当科目: Business and Society)
・Hamburg School of Business Administration, Summer School, 客員教授(担当科目:Stakeholder Relation)
・Cologne Business School, 客員教授(担当科目:CSR)
・National Taipei University, 客員教授(担当科目:CSR)

・"Do Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives make for better CSR?", Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, Vol.19 No.4, 2019. (pdf)
・エッセイ 『経営学者のドイツ』 クロスメディア・パブリッシング、2019.1, amazon.
・"Corporate Social Responsibility across Asia", with D.K.Davidson, et al., in J.Weber and D.Wasieleski (eds.), Corporate Social Responsibility, Emerald, 2018.5.
・"The Implementation of CSR Management and Stakeholder Relations in Japan", S.Vertigans and S.O. Idowu (eds), Stages of Corporate Social Responsibility: From Ideas to Impacts, Springer, 2016. (pdf)

 その他: 一般誌論文・インタビュー等(詳細)
・「はじめに」企業と社会フォーラム編 『企業と社会の戦略的コミュニケーション』千倉書房、2019.9.
・「第三者意見」、『TAISEI 統合レポート 2019 』(日本語)、『TAISEI ANNUAL REPORT 2019』(英語)、2019.9.
・「はじめに」企業と社会フォーラム編 『サステナブル・エンタープライズ: 企業の持続性と社会性』千倉書房、2018.9.
・「第三者意見」、『TAISEI 統合レポート 2018 』(日本語)、『TAISEI ANNUAL REPORT 2018』(英語)、2018.9.
・"What about Stress in Japan?", Interview, HSBA MAGAZIN, No.11, Summer 2018.
・Endorsement: Sandra Costa Santos et al., Home and Community: Lessons from a Modernist Housing Scheme, Routledge, 2018.4.
・「はじめに」企業と社会フォーラム編 『社会的課題とマーケティング』千倉書房、2017.9.
・Endorsement: Rasche, A., Morsing, M., and Moon, J. eds. (2017), Corporate Social Responsibility; Strategy, Communication, Governance, Cambridge University Press, 2017.3.
・"Post-industrial transition", INTERVIEW by Vincent Lassalle, weblog, 2016.12.12.
・「社会的課題にイノベーティブに取り組み市場を創造してほしい」(インタ ビュー)CSR広告特集「企業が社会のために今できること」『週刊東洋経済』、2016.11.9. (web)
・The Economist Intelligence Unit, Old problems, new solutions: Measuring the capacity for social innovation across the world, Comment, 2016.10.
・「第三者意見」、『TAISEI CORPORATE REPORT 2016 』(日本語)、『TAISEI ANNUAL REPORT 2016』(英語)、2016.7.
・「基調講演:持続可能な発展と企業の役割」/「パネルディスカッション:流通・マーケティングと共通価値創造」、日本商業学会第66回全国大会(講演録)、日経広告研究所(webマガジン)2016.7. (pdf)
・「特集:社会の課題に向き合うということ」(インタビュー)『広告朝日』10号、2016.6. (web)
・「サステナビリティとコーポレートブランド」『人間会議』夏号、2016.6. (web)
・"Symposium: Nachhaltigkeit und Innovation", Comment, Botschaft von Japan, Nr.136, 2016.3.
・"Is Japan ready for social innovation?", Interview, Japan Today, 2016.3.8.
・"Über dem Zenit", Comment, Enorm, No.1, 2016.

 最近の学会・研究会報告(詳細)         Photos
・12/6 The 2nd GoldenBee International CSR Academic Seminar (invited), Keynote Speech, Grand Kempinski Hotel, Shanghai, China.
・12/5 The 12th International Conference on CSR Reporting in China (invited), Grand Kempinski Hotel, Shanghai, China.
・11/28-29 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum, Symposium (invited), Taipei.
・3/2 「国際協力としてのソーシャルビジネス」 特別講演、第37回日本国際保健医療学会、第一薬科大学、福岡
・12/8 "Management Education for CSR and Sustainability/サステナビリティ人材の育成と経営教育:イントロダクション", JFBS研究会:東日本部会、早稲田大学.
・11/22-23 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum, Symposium (invited), Taipei. (flyer)
・11/9 "Multi-Stakeholder CSR Initiatives: its possibilities and challenges", Seminar (invited), College of Business, National Taipei University, Taiwan.
・10/2 "Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility", Symposium (invited), 2018 Grand Master Think Tank Forum, Taipei.news1)(news2)(news3)(news4
・9/28-29 "Management Education for CSR and Sustainability", Symposium (invited), 2018 International CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance Conference, Taipei.  
・6/9 "Research, Publish, Communication", JFBS研究会:東日本部会、早稲田大学.
・5/27 "Multi-Stakeholders Perspective to Development of Social Enterprise", Symposium (invited), Shanghai Forum 2018, Fudan University, China. (pdf)
・3/20 "Current Research and Education Trends in CSR/Sustainability Management", JFBS研究会:東日本部会、早稲田大学.
・2/28 "Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan", Seminar (invited), MISUM, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
・2/27 "Do multi-stakeholder initiatives make for better CSR?", Seminar (invited), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. (news)
・2/21 "Strategic CSR Management: A Lesson from Japanese Companies", International Lounge (invited), Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・2/7 "Current Research Trends in Business and Society", Seminar: Global Perspectives of CSR (invited), Cologne Business School, Germany.
・1/18 "The Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility Management in Japan", Seminar (invited), St Chad’s College, Durham University, UK.
・12/5 "Compared Business Behaviour: Japan, France, Canada", Seminar (invited), Graduate School of Economics, Rennes University, France.
・11/22 "Multi-Stakeholder CSR Initiative: conceptual review", Seminar (invited), ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.
・7/7 "Sustainable Development and Multi-Stakeholder Partnership", Keynote Speech, Symposium (invited), Free University of Berlin, Germany.(flyer)
・7/5 "Business and Society: From Responsibility to Governance", Workshop (invited), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
・5/30 "Sustainable Innovation and Business Strategy", SKEMA KTO Research Seminar (invited), SKEMA Business School, France.
・3/11 「『企業と社会』研究の広がりと課題―研究者のsenseとphilosophy」
・11/28 "Sustainable Innovation and Business Strategy", Keynote Speech, Symposium (invited), 2016 International Conference on Climate Finance and Industry, Inha University(仁荷大学), Incheon, Korea.
・11/9 "Social Business and Innovation", Seminar (invited), Fu Jen Catholic University(輔仁大学), New Taipei City, Taiwan.(pdf)
・11/2 "Social Business and Innovation", Seminar (invited), Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts(法鼓文理学院), New Taipei City, Taiwan.
・9/2 統一論題報告「企業と社会のガバナンスの構造」(招待)、日本経営学会第90回全国大会「日本の経営学90年の内省と構想」、専修大学.
・6/4 基調講演「持続可能な発展と企業の役割」/ パネルディスカッション「流通・マーケティングと共通価値創造」(招待)、日本商業学会第66回全国大会、千葉商科大学.
・5/27 "Facts and Trends of Strategic CSR for Financial Sector", Symposium (invited), 2016 International Conference of Taiwan Finance Association, New Taipei City, Taiwan.(news)(news2)
・5/14 "Institutionalization of an Academic Field of 'Business and Society' and Research(er) in Japan"、 JFBS研究会:東日本部会、早稲田大学.
・2/12 "Sustainability Challenges and Roles of Private Sector", Keynote Speech, Symposium: Sustainability and Innovation - Opportunities and Challenges: Perspectives from Japan and Germany (invited), Japanese German Center Berlin, Germany.(flyer)
・2/11 "Corporate Social Responsibility in Different Varieties of Capitalism: Exploring How National Institutions Shape CSR", Workshop (invited), Free University of Berlin, Germany.
・2/10 "Challenges of CSR management in Japanese companies", Symposium: Challenges in Japanese Management (invited), Berlin Institute for International Business Studies, Berlin, Germany.(flyer)

・10/17 "How do businesses contribute to SDGs?", Special Seminar, National Taipei University, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
・7/20 「豊かな国と貧しい国~私たちの生活は世界の人々とつながっている~」、特別授業、子ども大学よこはま.
・7/11 「持続可能な発展と企業の役割」、プロフェッショナルズ・ワークショップ 、早稲田大学.
・5/29 "Sustainable Development and Innovation", 特別講義 「国際ビジネス演習」、大阪市立大学.
・5/23 "Sustainable Development and Innovation", Special Lecture, National Taipei University EMBA Study Tour in Japan, 谷本研究室.
・12/13 「持続可能な発展とイノベーション」、商学部学術講演会、関西大学.(flyer
・11/8 "Sustainable Development Goals and Business Contribution", Lecture, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan.(flyer
・5/2 "Publish or/and/without Perish (?)"(「論文を書かなければ消滅する」を乗り越えて) 、特別講義、大阪市立大学大学院経営学研究科.
・5/2 "Sustainable Development and Innovation" (持続可能な発展とイノベーション)、特別講義、大阪市立大学商学部.
・3/7 "Publish or/and/without Perish (?)", Special Lecture, PhD, Cologne Business School, Germany.
・2/21 "Sustainable Development and Innovation", Lecture, BA, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・12/6 "Relationship between Corporation and Society in Japan: the Past and Present", Lecture, Graduate School of Economics, Rennes University, France.
・9/14 "Sustainable Global Environment and Business", Dialogue with Rick Rigeway, Patagonia Vice President, ダイヤモンド社セミナールーム、原宿.(flyer
・8/22 "Sustainable Development Goals and the Private Sector", German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum 2017, JDZB, The International House of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.
・8/2-5 "Stakeholder Relations", Summer School, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・7/27 "Publish or/and/without Perish (?)", Special Lecture, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Free University of Berlin, Germany.
・6/24 "Sustainable Development Goals and Innovation", Lecture, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
・6/20 "Challenges of CSR in Japanese Management", Lecture, Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln, Cologne, Germany.
・6/6 "Sustainable Development Goals and Innovation", Lecture, Deutsch-Japanishche Gesellschaft Berlin, JDZB.
・3/4 「ソーシャル・イノベーションの時代:社会に貢献するビジネスの可能性」(基調講演)、大阪商業大学大学院公開講座、グランフロント大阪タワー.(flyer
・11/15 "The Basics of Research on Business and Society", Special Lecture for Master students, National Taipei University.
・9/6 "Exchange Program between NTPU and Waseda Univ: Introduction", Special Lecture, National Taipei University Study Tour in Japan, 谷本研究室、早稲田大学.
・6/7 " Business and Society in Japan: Introduction", Special Lecture, National Taipei University EMBA Study Tour in Japan, 谷本研究室.
・1/25 「地域イノベーションの創出:ビジネスで地域課題を解決する」(基調講演)、新潟ユニゾンプラザ.(flyer