Graduate Course
【Visiting Prof】 National Taipei University, CSR
Mon and Thur (First Semester: Sep- Nov 2016)

Course Outline:
Economic activities of corporations are interrelated with spheres of society, politics, culture, and international relations. The relationship between Business and Society has been drastically changing in the last few decades. Globalization has provided a positive and a negative impact to economy, environment, and society. Sustainable development has been demanded and widely recognized as a common crucial challenge. At the same time expected roles and responsibilities of corporations have been changing. This course will focus on understanding various issues concerning the interface between business and society. Students will encounter a variety of movements and discussions on Corporate Social Responsibility.
This course is designed to expose students to the following topics; 1) changing relationship between corporation and its stakeholders: consumers, labor unions, NGOs, government, international organizations, environment and community, 2) changing expected role and responsibility of corporations 3) CSR/sustainable management and total corporate value.
CSR/Sustainability challenges are characterized by their inherent complexity and interrelatedness. This topics need to enhance students to deal with complexity and ambiguity and engage in problem-solving approaches. A transdisciplinary approach is needed to study these topics, that is, management, economics, sociology, psychology, political science and others. Within management field, strategic management, organizational studies, risk management, corporate governance, HRM, marketing and such are required to research the field of Business & Society and CSR. It is called an applied management.
This course is composed seven modules;
1. Business and Stakeholders
2. Global CSR Movement
3. CSR Management
4. Strategic Philanthropy
5. Social Innovation
6. Corporate Evaluation
7. Public Policy
I will show you a variety of cases on CSR throughout the course. You should check the website all along the line.

Learning Goals:
This course provides a perspective of Business in Society, theories and practical ideas of corporate social responsibility and social innovation in global context. Students are expected to understand activities of corporations from the perspective of CSR and to consider various social and environmental issues as you will relate to make a decision in social affair.

Evaluation Method
Mid-term Exam 40% Class Participation 20% Final Exam 40%

I provide one core reading: ‘Must-read’ in each class and some ‘Further readings’ to study in more depth. In each class I will show you some relevant web resources; leading MNCs, international organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and news sites.



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