Non-academic Activities
Social Contribution

・ Councilor, Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company, 2022-
・ Advisor, Japan Science and Technology Agency, 2021-
・ Advisor, Japan Platform, 2021-
・ Panel Judge of GCSF, Global Corporate Sustainability Award, 2019-
・ Councilor, Hitachi Global Foundation, 2015-2022
・ Certified Public Accountant Examination Committee Member, "Business Administration", Financial Services Agency, 2012
・ Chairperson, “Round-table Conference Steering Committee on Social Responsibility for Safe and Sustainable Future”, Cabinet Office, 2009-2010
・ Secretary, “Environmental Personnel Training Consortium Preparations Society”, Ministry of the Environment, 2009-2010
・ Committee Member, “Examination Committee on the Future Image of the Construction Industry in Hokkaido”, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, 2009
・ Special Advisor, Social Innovation Japan (NPO), 2009-2011
・ Committee Member, “Round-table Conference Preparation Committee on Social Responsibility for Safe and Sustainable Future”, Cabinet Office, 2008
・ Advisor, “Collaboration Promotion Committee for NPO and Government and Companies”, Fukuoka, 2008
・ Committee Member, “Industrial Structure Council”, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2007-2008
・ Chairperson,"Social Business Study", Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2007
・ Committee Member, "People’s Living Council", Cabinet Office, 2007-2009
・ Committee Member, "Study on Social Responsibility for Safe and Sustainable Future", Cabinet Office, 2007-2008
・ Chairperson,“Awards on Diversity Management”, Reviewing Committee, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2007-2012
・ Chairperson, "Study on CSR Assessment Regulations in the Construction Industry”, Research Institute of Construction and Economy, 2006-2007
・ Committee Member, “Study on Financial Research”, Japanese Bankers Association, 2006
・ Committee Member, “Meeting on Environment and Financial Concerns”, Ministry of the Environment, 2006
・ Chairperson, Study on CSR in the Food Industry, 2006-2009
・ Committee Member, "Social Business Awards", Social Innovation Japan (NPO), 2006-2009
・ Representative Director, Social Innovation Japan (NPO), 2005-2009
・ Committee Member, "Research Committee on Effective Use of Financial Assets among Elder People and Possibility of Financial Inflow for SRI", Cabinet Office and Nomura Research Institute, 2005
・ Supervisor, "CSR Database and Corporate Evaluation Development Team", Toyo Keizai Inc., 2005-2012
・ Committee Member, “Awards on Environmental Reports and Sustainability Reports”, Reviewing Committee, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2004-2005
・ Chairperson, "CSR Studies on Multinational Corporations and Labor", The Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training, 2004-2005
・ Committee Member, Association for CSR Promotion, Japan Management Association, 2004-2007
・ Chairperson, "Study on CSR on Labor Issue", Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 2004
・ Chairperson, "Committee on Sustainable Socio-economic System and Corporate Social Responsibility", Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute, 2003-2004
・ Chief Examiner, "Study on Social Businesses", Dentsu, Inc., 2003
・ Supervisor, "MS-SRI Index" produced by Morningstar Japan and Center for Public Resource, 2002-2010
・ Chief Examiner, "Policy Proposals for Constructing New Social and Economic Systems", Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute, 2002
・ Advisor, "Committee on How to Cultivate Social Entrepreneurs", Junior Chamber International Japan, 2002
・ Chairperson, "Study on New Social and Economic Systems for Consumers,” Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nomura Research Institute, 2002
・ Chairperson, "Research Committee on Collaboration between NPO/NGO and Government/Corporations", Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute, 2001
・ Committee Member, "Study on Voluntary Economy", The Tokio Marine Research Institute, 2001
・ Chairperson, "Research Committee on JAHDS Project", Trusted Research by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, 2001
・ Committee Member, "Study on Ideal Voting after Becoming a Government-owned Corporation", Postal Services Agency and Nomura Research Institute, 2001
・ Chief Examiner, "Committee of Business and Society", Kansai Economic Federation, 2000
・ Chief Examiner, "Study on Social Entrepreneurs", Softnomics Center, 2000


Third Party Opinions on CSR Report

Interview/Comment in non-Japanese

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Others written in Japanese (Essay, Report, Interview, etc.) 
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Selected Lectures in Japanese ▲top

・11/21 "The sustainability revolution and the required challenges", BOND Business School, Tokyo.(Online)
・7/13 "SDGs and Role of Business", Special Lecture, Waseda Jitsugyo High School, Tokyo.
・5/6 "Our Life is Linked to the World", SDGs Special Lecture, Aoki Elementary School, Yokohama.
・2/18 "Our Life is Linked to the World: Aiming for Sustainable Society", Special Lecture (Online), Aoki Elementary School, Yokohama.


・2/27 "Challenges Required for Universities and Faculty Members", Faculty Development Forum, The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto.


・5/28 "Sustainable Manufacturing; Business Administration in the Age of Sustainability", Lecture, MONODZUKURI Nihon (Webinar), Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.(news1)(news2)


・7/11 "New Roles of Business in the Age of Sustainable Development", Professionals Workshop, Waseda University.
・5/29 "Sustainable Development and Innovation", Osaka City University.
・3/2 "Social Business as International Cooperation", Keynote Speech, Japan Association for International Health, Daiichi University of Pharmacy, Fukuoka.


・12/13 "Sustainable Development and Innovation", Lecture, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Kansai University, Osaka. (flyer)
・5/2 "Sustainable Development and Innovation", Special Lecture, Faculty of Business, Osaka City University, Osaka.


・3/4 "Age of Social Innovation: Potential of Social Business", Keynote Speech, Osaka University of Commerce, Grand Front Osaka.


・1/25 "Creation of Regional Innovation: Resolving Regional Issues through Business", Seminar, Niigata NPO Association, Niigata.


・2/12-14 Lecture, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University.


・3/18 Lecture, Business Research Institute, Ivy Hall, Omote-sando, Tokyo.
・1/8 "Policies to Support Social Business", Seminar, Japan Finance Corporation, Tokyo.


・6/20 "Responsible Company", Interview with Vincent Stanley, Vice President of Patagonia, Waseda Univ., Tokyo.
・6/13"Responsible Competitiveness", Japan Corporate Governance Network, World Trade Center Building, Tokyo.
・2/12 "New Civil Society Created Together by NPO and Business ", Keynote Speech, 21st Century Civilization Symposium, Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Organization, Kobe.
・1/21 "Social Collaboration", Hitachi Intermedix, Sanbancho Café, Tokyo.


・12/26 "Social Business Issues", Toumon-Academy, Finance Toumon-kai, Nihonbashi COREDO.
・11/10 "Building Sustainable Society, and Corporate Role and Responsibility", Modern Business Forum, Kyoto Tachibana Univ.
・11/2 "Responsible Competitiveness and Corporate Value", Kansai Keizai Douyuukai.
・9/18 "Interview with CEO of Shinbaio Pharmacentical Company.
・6/14 "Stakeholder Management and Engagement", CBCC Assembly, Keikdanren Hall.
・6/8 "Diversity Management Award", Chairperson Comment, Toyokeizai Shinpousha, Tokyo Station Conference.


・11/17 "Social Innovatioin (tentative)", keynote speaker, Executive Leaders Forum, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
・7/1 "What is required for CSR-in the aftermath of the earthquake disaster", Diamond Ryutsu Club, Tokyo, Japan.
・4/21"Diversity Management Award & Symposium", comment, Toyo Keizai Inc., Nomura Conference Plaza, Tokyo, Japan.
・2/17 3rd Korea-Japan Forum on Social Enterprise, Seoul, Korea.
・1/27 "International Standards of Social Responsibility and those required for Corporations", 10th Ethical Education Meeting, Japan Retailers Association, Tokyo, Japan.
・1/25 “Responsible Investment and CSR in Japan”, (keynote speech, Symposium: Workers Capital Social Responsibility Investment, JTUC-RENGO, Tokyo, Japan.
・1/19 "International Standards of CSR", Tokyo Rotary Club, Tokyo, Japan.


・12/9 "Sustainable Development and CSR: Forest Management and Corporation Efforts", <Fair of Forest Management and Corporations in TOKYO>,Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo, Japan.
・10/28 "Sustainable Development and CSR: Forest Management and Corporation Efforts", <Fair of Forest Management and Corporations in NAGOYA>, Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan.
・3/17 "Diversity Management Award & Symposium", comment, Toyo Keizai Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
・3/11"ISO/SR(Social Responsibility)-necessary measures "、The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce an Industry, Tokyo, Japan.
・2/9 "Possibility of Social Business", keynote speech, <Kanagawa CSR Forum>, Commerce and Industry Department, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Japan.
・2/1 "Labor Union and SRI", <Workers Capital PT>, Japanese Trade Union Confederation, Tokyo, Japan.


・11/12 “Current Situation and Issues of Social Business”, speech, 2009 Industrial Policy Committee, Commerce and Industry Department, Kanagawa Prefectural Government
・11/4 “Financial Crisis and CSR:Development of Social Business”, speech, Social Business & Marketing(SIJ), Roppongi Hills
・9/29 “Sustainable Development and Multistakeholder Governance”, Open Seminar for Citizen, Sompo Japan Environment Foundation
・9/4、5 Talk Session, Coordinator, SIJ Social Entrepreneur Gathering, Roppongi Hills
・9/4 "Social Entrepreneurs"(Symposium), World Economic Forum, JAPAN Meeting、Roppongi-hills, Tokyo.
・7/24 "Tourism and Social Innovation", Regional Tourism Management Forum, speech, Japan Productivity Center.
・6/15 Diversity Management Award & Symposium, Keynote Speech, Toyo Keizai Inc., Tokyo.
・5/8, 15 "Socially Responsible Corporate Management: its issues to address" , keynote speech, Assessment Committee, Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA).
・2/25 "Food Safety and Security-CSR in Food Industry", CSR Seminar, Shokuhin Sangyo Shinbun Co. Ltd. and Japan Food Industry Center, Tokyo.
・1/31 "Frontier of Corporation and Sociaty:Social Innovation", JMAC-i meeting.
・1/15 "Reliable Company in Society—for the case of Construction Industry" , Lecture at College of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.