Graduate Course

Vision and Mission of Tanimoto Labo

Vision: Aiming for Academic Excellence in "Business and Society" Research
Mission: Contributing to Creation of Better Business Society Theoretically and Practically

Graduate Course

Application Guide for Prospective Students
■This guide will help prospective students in preparing an application for graduate courses offered by Prof. Tanimoto.
It is essential that you read this guide carefully before you submit your application to the admission office.

1. Special Field/Research Area
We study a variety of issues on "business and society", based on business administration; corporate social responsibility, relationship between business and stakeholders, corporate philanthoropy, socially responsible investment, social entrepreneurship, social business, and collaboration between business and NGO/government/administration.
We currently focus on CSR management, stakeholder engagement and process of creating social innovation.

2. Leading Policy
Graduate school is a training place where you will become an independent researcher. The area of “business and society” is regarded as an inter-disciplinary field. You are not required to have fragmented knowledge but basic scholastic achievement of business administration, economics and/or sociology by reading the basic textbooks.
[Master’s Course]
You are expected to do a theoretical study and make them up into a master thesis in two years. Prospective students for doctor course are expected to aim at acquiring basic scholastic achievement during the master’s course so as to complete a doctoral thesis in three years.
[Doctoral Course]
You are expected to think theoretically and analyze empirically. A great deal of reading and writing will be required. Going back and forth between practice and theory, you will be a researcher who can be recognized by global academic society.

3. Request for Students
Environment around business in society has been drastically changing for the past several decades. You are required to analyze the theoretical and practical implication of tackling management challenges while understanding the background.
[Master’s Course]
You are expected to clarify what you want to study, based on your career plan.
[Doctoral Course]
You are expected to keep your spirit high and publish high-quality papers.

Be sure to contact me and read my books and papers before applying for either course.
For international students, study background in business administration and economics in undergraduate is a prerequisite for applying.
Also, please note that in my seminar it would be difficult to get a degree while having a full-time job.

Tanimoto Seminar

Postgraduate Student
M1 Hanqing Zhao (2019-2020)
M1 Xia Sun (2019-2020)

Undergraduate Student
Junior Seminar (2019-2020):
Miyuu Asai, Mototsugu Iwasaki, Misato Sai, Kaoru Shoji, Kazuki Tanaka, Hina Tabuchi, Rio Higurashi, Maiko Yano

Senior Seminar (2018-2019):
Sonoka Arai, Kina Ichikawa, Shunya Kurosawa, Masaki Konishi, Tomona Shimizu, Honami Shimizu, Misaki Nakagawa

Secretary: Mami Morizuka


Research Student
Estefanía Sangama, Peru (2019.9-)
Mohamed Chadi Blout, Tunisia (Apr.2012-Sep.2013)
Akari Mutyalestari, Indonesia (Apr.2012-Mar.2014)

Visiting Researcher
Dr. Michele John, Professor, Curtin University, Australia (Aug.-Sep.2019)
Hung Yu Tsai, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan (Sep.2016-Aug.2017)
Dr. Gianluigi Giustiziero, Assistant Professor, Skema Business School, France
Kei Namba, Free University of Berline, Germany (Apr.-Oct.2016)
Dr. Mohammed Benlemlih, Grenoble University, France (Jul.-Aug.2015)
Dr. Gabriel Eweje, Massey University, New Zealand (Jan.-Feb., Apr.-May2015,
Nadine Melanie Vogel, Free University of Berlin, Germany (Mar.-Jun.2013)
Zahra Golaij, Karafarinan Tossee Tezaereie Sevom Institute, Iran(May-Jul.2012)
Raghda Butros, Founding Director of Ruwwad, Jordan (2008)
Dr. Fllorencia Roitstein, Researcher, Insead, France (2005)

Visiting Professor
2020 Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia,
Postgraduate Programme
March, Sustainability Accounting and Management
2019 National Taipei University, Postgraduate Programme
Sep-Nov, Financial Ethics, First Semester
2018 National Taipei University, Postgraduate Programme
Sep-Nov, Financial Ethics, First Semester
2017-2018 Cologne Business School, Postgraduate Programme
Sep-Feb, CSR, Winter Semester
2017 Hamburg School of Business Administration,
Postgraduate Programme
Aug, Stakeholder Relation, Summer School
2017 Free University of Berlin, Postgraduate Programme
Apr-Jul, Business and Society, Summer Semester, Lecture: Thursday 10:00-12:00
2016 National Taipei University, Postgraduate Programme
Sep-Nov, Corporate Social Responsibility, First Semester, Lecture: Monday and Thursday
2014 Freie Universität Berlin, Postgraduate Programme
11/3 "Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation", Guest Lecture
11/7 "CSR and Stakeholder Relations in Japan", Workshop
2010 Freie Universität Berlin, Postgraduate Programme
Apr-Jul, Business and Society, Summer Seminar, Lecture: Monday 10:00-12:00, Tutorial: Thursday 12:00-14:00



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