Non-academic Activities

Others written in Japanese (Essays, Report, etc.) 

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Lecture in Japanese
・12/13 “Philosophy and Dignity of Social Entrepreneurs”, Social Entrepreneur Intermediary Network Kyushu (SINK), Fukuoka
・12/13 “New Cooperation System in CSR “, Forum for creating a new society by collaborating with NPOs, Volunteer groups, Corporations and Administration, Keynote speech, Fukuoka
・11/20 "Possibility of Social Business”, Kinki Social Business Networking Kicking Off Seminar 2008, Osaka
・11/6 "Socially Responsible Corporate Activity and Accountability", Corporate Management Committee, Kobe Association of Corporate Executives.
・10/23 SR Forum, Japan NPO Center, Waseda Hoshien Student Christian Center.
・10/16 "Social Entreprenuership and Social Innovation", Keynote speech, Urban Redevelopment Committee, The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・10/6 "Construction Industry and Corporate Activity ", Keynote speech, Symposium of Japan Federation of Construction Contractors,Tokyo
・10/2 "Relationship between Corporation and Society", The Senior High School Educational Course Society of Kanagawa, Division of Commerce
・9/27 "CSR and Sustainable Development", Hitotsubashi University Open Seminar.
・9/2 "Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation", Committee for the Promotion of NPO and Social Entrepreneurs, Japan Association of Corporate Executives
・7/23 "Corporate Activity and Acountability"<Shunko-konwa-kai>、Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., Head Office
・4/24 "Corporate Citizenship and CSR --Trend and Vision, ", Philanthropy CSR Linkup Forum, Osaka Voluntary Action Center
・4/18 "Japanese Society and CSR ", CSR Seminar, Meiji Gakuin University
・3/26 "Innovative Power of Social Business”, Keynote Speech, SIJ Social Creative Business Forum, Bank ART1929, Yokohama
・3/10 "Support Program for Eduational Needs", International Symposium, "Pioneer Career Education Model Cooperated with Alumni, Josuikaikan, Tokyo .
・ 3/4 “Diversity Management in Japanese Style “, Keynote Speech, Diversity Management Award & Symposium, Toyo Keizai Inc., Tokyo